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Here’sthe real problem. One General Manager, without knowing about all this, to maximize profits, had his chief engineer doing the maintenance on the machines, told me he didn’t want any new prop designs, because his job was to make maximum profit, use what they had. He was furious at the thought of making perfect props, rocking the boat. The smart executive, is smarter, knows there is more new business, with new better designs, that he’s losing, that he’ll get overwhelmed if he’s the last guy to catch on. Those who don’t catch on, Wrong Tip and Blade Shape, will be easily seen by their Customers, who know better, know the right SHAPE, and LOADING, will fall Behind, Lose Out. Progress marches on, those who don’t learn, don’t win.

Jim Rust at Whirlwind caught on instantly, just got that 74 constant speed batch order, serious money! Formula 1 #50, Gary Davis, Stephen Pearse, his Doctorate in Math partner, designed their prop with Andy’s program, proved skinny tip props are best in takeoff and climb, when prop designers always mistakenly thought a wide tip was neededfor a combination prop, takeoff, and climb. That is disproved on computer analysis, was also disproved by a kid in1946, 48, you’ll see, and at Reno, The Real World!

Hang back in the ever progressive Flight industry, and the World drives over you, with new knowledge, fact, truth! That’s how we got our modern life. The big container ship with the small rudder, the industry is already turning. I know about progress, 107 of my small Maneuvering Rocket System Controls flew the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo in the central hall of the Smithsonian, finally to the Moon. Boeing Jet, complex, “must never fail” Primary Flight Controls, a lot more, my products are all over the World. Testing through about 300 props, as a kid, Tapered Tip Props won me two National Sr. Championships in models in 1946 and 48, the same year Theodorsen got the Math exact. Amazingly, that Work of the 7 original Giants, starting in 1865, had to wait over a half Century for Andy Bauer and I to find the 1948 exact final work. Life can be great fun and satisfaction if you go for it. The guy who “Gets It Wins”.

Incidentally, I came closest to Climbing Straight Up, with Tapered Tip Props,easily seen, and they made my speed models go significantly faster than wide tip props, accurately stop watch tested, every flight, honed in competition. Testing my way through about 300 props, I had absolutely no doubt about which climbed best, went fastest. I would have loved to have had the cover of this book with the EXACT, PERFECT SHAPES, EVEN THE EXACT PERFECT HALF TEARDROP LOADING, all based on the Essentially Exact, rare genius work of the Historic Masters!

The World is already catching on! The Question is: Who’ll be the last to catch on, adapt, change?

THIS IS THE KIND OF INSIGHT YOU CAN LEARN IN THIS BOOK, all insight NO MATH! We hid the Professional’s insight, and Math in the Appendix.

The book Looks different, we found Novices couldn’t pick out the great insights that took 142 years to find, so we made them bold, SO THEY JUMP OFF THE PAGE AT YOU, Super Emphasized!

Novices get Help.

 Pros can speed read it after they catch on.

We purposely made it inexpensive, $15, plus postage, so everyone could have a copy, without thinking about it. That works, people snatch them up. They sell like popcorn! That’s just fine because we did it all so we could all finally understand – about a Half Century Late. It’s really our “Give Back”, for the Great Fun of a Life at the Leading Edge! Understand, the World can be, and was our “Sandbox”, to play, create. Burt Rutan was the other Model Plane winner, who kept on growing. I did mine in the all up Aerospace Industry, made that my “Sandbox”, to create in. It’s been great fun, life at the leading edge, still is!

It’s going to be a benchmark, maybe a Historic Book, the last fundamental hole in our Grasp of Flight and Aerodynamics, that took from1865, to the 2007 publication. It’s Historic for multiple reasons, 83 Years work by 7 real Historic Giants. Historic, an Exact BGT Solution in 1948. Historic, the Greatest Failure to Understand oversight in Flight and Aerodynamics, 1948 to 2003, the Wright’s 100thAnniversary, when we had it, 55 years. The 7 Historic Technical Giants will all finally get the credit they deserved, posthumously. We did a 10 year, half time, fun, hobby, Max Intellectual Challenge, to make it easy, no math, years of insight past the Rare Genius Math, all the understandable insight, of what’s happening Physically to: 1. A Rotating Wing, 2. Throwing Air, Newton, 3. An Airscrew, would you believe, an ARCHIMEDES SCREW 212 BC!

At simple professional pay rates, or consulting rates, half time, two real pros, 20,000 hours that’s $1, to $2 Million. Realize this really is a Gift, X-Ray insight, the subject so complex, no one could ever grasp the logic and insight, now all reduced to the understandable horse sense of what is happening Physically!

It’s fun, they do sell like popcorn, our “Give Back”, that took a Decade!

THE LOGIC of FLIGHT - The Thinking Man’s Way to Fly

You can learn that Thinking Man’s Way right on the Cover, and the First few pages. So the rest of that ~200 Page Book is the best Aero 101 Course for “Pilots and Interested People”, that you’ll ever find, correctly using engines too, a Lifetime of Insight all in one Double, Flip Over Book, the best bargain you’ll ever find.

On Flight Logic, I was the Technical Director Mission Control on the Voyager World Flight. Interestingly, I found Norris’s 3rdLaw: On a proper “off Equatorial Flight”, the Tail Wind, is essentially always 8.5 knots,+/- 1. the Whole Atmosphere Driven by the Constant Sun Flux, always averages ~8.5 knots on a 9 Day Flight. The actual flight was 8.493 kon the final cross checked computer analysis. Incredible, but exact and true. I won’t tell you how close the fuel came out in that computer analysis, or you’d think this was all “baloney”. It was incredible, and in that case Incredible Luck to be as close as it came out. We could be lucky, because we had it nailed. I did a special Book on the Voyager, profits to Dick and Jeana, a few left -- If you happen to be interested. That was Historic!


Send your kids to Engineering School, we need more new ones -- And the World can be Their Sandbox too. Nothing is more fun than Creating Flight! How many years did I have to work? None, it was all a fun challenging Party!

You should have been there with me for the first unmanned launch of the Apollo, a 36 story Building that, to the Moon, weighed 7 million pounds, 71/2 million pounds of thrust, 6 missiles, end to end, a bet that they’d all work, the whole World watching, “Guts Football on the grandest scale”. It’s fantastic to be right in there, have the marvelous opportunity to create things that Fly, even to the Moon. Did you realize that, too big to move away from the gantry, and vise versa, you pick that monster up, lean it over a tad, catch it, fly it out of the gantry. I laugh, people think technical guys have to be geeks. I founded the Spacecraft Controls Company, taught the Chief Engineer what we had to do, then went and did it, and a lot more!

The Prop Book was our Gift, our “Give Back”, Andy and I.

Come Enjoy, and Learn! Have Fun with it!

Jack Norris