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Written for A Broad, Targeted, “Interested, Audience” -- for Historic Insight

Purposely inexpensive, so everyone interested can have a copy, $15, + Postage, this Double Book, back to back, will come to be seen as, would you believe, a several ways Historic milestone breakthrough, a benchmark in our final understanding of Flight, Aerodynamics, and certainly Propellers, that took 142 years, 1865 to 2007. Seven Historic Giants of Science and Technology had worked 83 years, 1865 to 1948, but by Theodorsen’s 1948 Historic Masterpiece, Theory of Propellers, had Produced an essentially exact theory and solution, for the most complex problem in Aerodynamics, Propellers, Historic. Wildly, no one ever understood! Why, How? Completing Goldstein’s 1929 rare genius 3D flow solution, math at the outer limits of human comprehension, andTheodorsen’s own genius, the mathematics snowed everyone, we Aero Engineers included, and significantly, in 1948, everyone of consequence was rushing off to Jets! It will come to be seen as the greatest oversight in our conquest of Flight and Aerodynamics, Historic, Genius Work, Exact, all 6 Way Perfectly Optimized Props, never recognized, never understood!

Snowed, no one ever caught on that both Sidney Goldstein and Theodore Theodorsen ended with a simple Blade Loading Chart, hence theHalf Teardrop Blade Loading core here, and T.T.’s, understandable Algebra, for heavy loading, a faster thrown Velocity, right at the prop blade, the ~ Exact Real World Case!

Understanding that Propellers were the only unexplained Fundamental in Flight and Aerodynamics, Historic, Jack Norris, see Bio, and Dr. Andy Bauer, one of the 4 core Aerodynamicists at Douglas Long Beach, took the problem of explaining propellers on as a hobby, retirement, Ultimate Intellectual Challenge. Roughly half time, for two old pros, “Who Could”, two lifetimes of experience and insight, over a decade, maybe 20,000 hours together, it was a 1 to $2,000,000 “Give Back” project at consulting rates. We went through everything of consequence ever done in Propeller Analysis, found all the shortcomings, discovered Betz, Goldstein, Theodorsen, grasped the essentially EXACT SOLUTION, say 1%, as good as it gets. Thus, clearly a Historic breakthrough, we went on, a hobby challenge, finished the decade long work, and the Book, here for you!

We Computer programmed the rare genius work, ran all the professional level studies, reduced this most complex problem in Flight and Aerodynamics to the understandable, Horse Sense Insight of What is Happening Physically to a: 1. Rotating Wing, 2. Pulling in and Throwing Back High Mass Flow Rates of Air, far heavier than you ever realized, and 3. an Airscrew, which teaches us High Pitch, Advance is Best. If there is any genius here, it is making the ultimate challenge in Aerodynamics easy, Easy Enough!

The books are Superemphasized, bold, like this, so the incisive insights that you are trying to grasp, learn, literally jump off the page at you, purposely not normal writing, rather theBull’s eye, Incisive Insights of what is happening Physically, jumping off the page, to help everyone who is interested to understand. Essentially NO MATH, it’s the result of a $1,000,000+ professional study to get it down to the Horse Sense of What is Happening Physically, because we professionals who never understood the core insights, need that as much as novices. We found normal writing style does not work. Novices blow right through marvelous insights that took 142 years to publication, to find. Help the interested reader, and he can get it. The Book is Targeted for the “Interested Reader who wants to understand”, will think, reread, grasp it!

Look at the first page of this website. Very incisively, Headlines really, in a few inches, it tells you we have a rock solid basis to create essentially Exact, Perfect Props, the Tapered Blade Family of, (you’ll learn, all 6 way) Optimized Props. Correct Pitch, Twist, we get an Optimum Angle of Attack. NO MATH, the computer does it all for us. Second, it tells you the never understood Core Problem in Props is that aRotating Wing is a Lost Thrust, Violent Tip Vortex Loss Disaster, fixed by the Tapered Tip. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, STARTED TO GET THE HORSE SENSE THERE, feel you could get more with all the help possible, the book is right for you, and you are right for the book!

The book is not written for all of the 650,000 Not CuriousPilots, not everyone. It is written for those who are interested in understanding, Flight, Propellers, and with a little thinking, quite possibly rereading, can grasp the Incisive Physical Horse Sense Insight of the First Page - Your Entry ticket to HISTORIC INSIGHT!

How Smart do you have to be? Just smart enough to grasp the Simple, Pretty much Horse Sense Logic of: What is Happening Physically, Superemphasized to jump off the page at you,giving plenty of Help.