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Read the impressive Wikipedia biographies linked at the end of this page.   Since the World did not realize that Albert Betz, 1919, Sidney Goldstein, 1929, and Theodore Theodorsen, 1948, (BGT), had essentially exactly solved Propeller Theory and Math, we do not find their rare genius, Historic work on Propellers in their extensive Biographies. However, their work is now thoroughly understood, is the core basis of the book here, Propellers, The First and Final Explanation, and their specific, applicable works are covered, and listed in the History, Appendix H of the book.

One can readily see by the clearly genius level of their biographies that they are, and should be, the select individuals who could solve propellers, the most complex fundamental problem in Flight and Aerodynamics, at a competence level that has never been even remotely approached by others. It is all indeed rare genius work that went unrecognized for more than an extra half Century, indeed, individually, most of the entire first Century of Flight, and only now, posthumously, will their truly Historic, rare genius work come to be properly grasped and recognized!